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(3-11) PARKING <br />Quick Links <br />• Return to Table of Contents <br />Effective Date: 03/01/00 <br />Revision Date: 01/18/11 <br />Parking should be reserved for citizens conducting business in County facilities. Employees may not park <br />in the spaces immediately adjacent to the Courthouse, Corrections Center, or on either side of the street <br />immediately surrounding the Courthouse unless they will be conducting business for duration of thirty (30) <br />minutes or less. <br />The County provides the following locations for employee parking: <br />1) The NW corner of 6th and Water <br />2) The SW corner of 6th and Water <br />3) The NE corner of 6th and Water <br />Employees who have special needs that require parking closer to the building for any duration should <br />contact the HR Department. <br />Violation of this policy may result in disciplinary action. <br />