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KITTITAS COUNTY <br />Human Resource Department <br /> <br />AGENDA STAFF REPORT <br /> <br />AGENDA DATE: January 19, 2011 <br /> <br />ACTION REQUESTED: REQUEST TO UPDATE THE PERSONNEL POLICIES MANUAL <br /> <br />BACKGROUND: The Board of County Commissioners has directed HR to update the <br />following policies: <br /> <br />Parking (3-11) – Complete revision to remove outdated language, <br />recognize County-owned parking areas, and enhance parking availability <br />for customers conducting business in the County Courthouse and <br />Correctional Facility. <br /> <br />Wage Administration (5-1) – Updates the following areas: placement on <br />the wage scale, promotional increases, effective dates of merit <br />increases, and removal of voluntary furloughs. <br /> <br />Merit Increase Chart (5-2) – Previously titled “Merit Increase % Chart”, <br />this revision simplifies the title and updates the policy to reflect the 2011 <br />merit increase available to non-union employees. It also allows an <br />increase for those who are at the top of their wage range, which is an <br />exception to the Wage Administration Policy granted for the 2011 <br />budget year. <br /> <br />In summary, the following items are proposed to be amended in the <br />Personnel Policies Manual. <br /> <br />Item # Policy Title Action <br />3-11 Parking Revision to policy language <br />5-1 Wage Administration Revision to policy language <br />5-2 Merit Increase Chart Revision to policy language <br /> <br />INTERACTION: Kittitas County Board of County Commissioners <br />Kittitas County Management Team <br />Lisa Young, Human Resource Director <br /> <br />RECOMMENDATION: The Human Resource Department recommends that the Board of <br />County Commissioners adopt the updates to policy language. <br /> <br />HANDLING: Return 1 original(s) to HR <br /> <br />ATTACHMENTS: Resolution <br />Copy of new policy language <br /> <br />LEAD STAFF: Lisa Young, Human Resource Director <br />