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FROM HANSON FAX NO. : 509-674-491B <br />DT [-� <br />�••• i«MLV +41f r! lii L[iJLi4JL ( JLUl3 <br />Dec. 2J 2010 06:3:3P11 1 Fj <br />I! <br />,+ P . J <br />Citizen bw& and GOrTimt58toT1s are critical Co the effecfsve. f=ctioring of County governmenf We <br />appreciate your interest in wishmg to serve Kitt7tas County and ask them you complete this brief <br />APP11Calipn. If you wisll, please feel free to attach a fact sheet ter resume tthis application. This <br />application foam is considered a public document. P S—v pRWr CC.E.�p Y. <br />ROA -RDS OR COMMISKONS FOR WHICH YOU WOULD DUCE To BE CONSMEp <br />. �-SaY�'4% God X1(-7 <br />Name: _ h� fU .. � �1 S nAj <br />Bu-iness Address: Horne Address, D u)av <br />City 5tatc Zip <br />Buzincas Phone, — �. Home Phonc: <br />Emil address: <br />City Stata Zip <br />Education; (Mglh school, name and location ofcotlege or urdversity, year graduatted, and degree): <br />Current EmPloyment: (job title, employer, employment data; contact, phone): <br />PLEASE NOTE: ALL APPLICATIONS SLBMITTED TO THE BOARD OF COUNTS' <br />COMMISSIONERS FOR A-PPOINTMENT BECOME OFFICIAL pUgL,IC RECORDS. �jt 5�$� <br />DEC 3o m1.3 <br />