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<br />Kittitas County <br />Public Health Department <br />507 N. Nanum Street, Suite 102 <br />Ellensburg, WA 98926 <br />T: 509.962.7515 <br />F:509.962.7581 <br /> <br /> Environmental <br /> Health Services <br /> 507 N. Nanum Street, Suite 102 <br /> Ellensburg, WA 98926 <br /> T: 509.962.7515 <br /> F:509.962.7581 <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />September 30, 2010 <br /> <br />Jody O’Conner, Event Manager <br />American Cancer Society <br />7325 W Deschutes Ave Ste A, <br />Kennewick, WA 99336 <br /> <br />Dear Ms. O’Conner, <br /> <br />RE: Climb to Conquer Cancer – Manastash Ridge Event Application <br /> <br />Thank you for the opportunity to comment on the event application for the Climb to Conquer Cancer – <br />Manastash Ridge Event that is scheduled for October 10th 2010. After, review of your application the <br />health department would like to recommend that facilities be provided for participants and/or <br />spectators to utilize the restroom during the event. Facilities can be in the form of a sanitary port-a-pody <br />or a permanent establishment. If you already have plans to do so, this letter just simply servers as a <br />reminder. For reference the general rule of thumb for port-a-pody’s and events is 3 port-a-pody’s for <br />each gender for the first 500 people and 1 additional port-a-pody for each gender per additional 100 <br />people. <br /> <br />If food and beverage is to be purchased and consumed during the event, all food and beverage should <br />be pre-packaged; otherwise, a temporary food permit is required. If the event is to be catered, a <br />temporary food permit is not required; however, the catering service must be permitted by the Kittitas <br />County Public Health Department. If the event is to be served by a permanent food establishment; than <br />the establishment must have a current food service permit. All garbage generated by the event should <br />be contained appropriately so not to litter the surrounding environment and should be disposed of in a <br />proper manner. The health department highly encourages that events make an effort to recycle some of <br />the waste that is generated by the event. <br /> <br />Should you need additional assistance or have further questions please don’t hesitate to contact our <br />department by phone at 509-962-7515. <br /> <br />Sincerely, <br /> <br />James Rivard <br />Environmental Health Supervisor <br />Interim Co-Administrator Kittitas County Public Health Department <br /> <br />Cc: BOCC