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Kittitas County Board of County Commissioners j County Code <br />Page 5 of ] 1 <br />are to be used are deemed by him or her to be incapable of supporti..rag the proposed load, or for other reasons, <br />which he or she deems to be in the best interest of the county, and the county engineer shall have the right when <br />issuing a permit to specify the following: <br />a. The size and number of tires supporting the load; <br />b. Flagmen, pilot ear, flares, signs, or any other safety devices or: procedures deemed necessary by hint or <br />her: <br />c. The route to be used, <br />d. The, time of the movement under the permit; <br />e. The speed of the vehicles involved. <br />2, The county engineer raaay refuse to issue a permit if previous damage caused to County properties by the house <br />mover or any of his or her employees has not been paid in frill at the time of application, (Ord. 99-06, 1999; <br />Ord. 94-8, 1994). <br />5,16.060 Violation - Penalty. <br />Any person who moves a Douse or building or other overlega.l load in violation of this chapter :is guilty of a <br />inisdemeanor and is punishable as provided for in. Chapter 1. 16 KCC, (Ord. 99-06, 1999; Ord, 94-8, 1994), <br />5.16.070 Bond challenge - Compliance hearing. <br />1. The department holding the bond in escrow shall continue to hold the bond for 10 additional days fallowing the <br />approval by said department of compliance with the provisions governing the release of the said bond., This 10 - <br />day period shall allow fo.r any county official or citizen of the county to challenge the validity of the compliance <br />for just cause during the 10 -day period by notifying the department holding said bond in writing of or her <br />challenge and stating the reasons for so doira'a. <br />2. Where such challenge has been made, the board of county conanaissioners shall call for a public hearing; and <br />shall cause to be advertised the time and place of said Waxing in the inanner provided for Haat purpose. <br />The bond shall be held in escrow pending a decision by the board of county commissioners upon the issue of <br />compliance with this chapter. <br />�. The board of county conlrnissioners shall hear testimony upon the issue of whether the applicant or house <br />mover has complied with. the regulations applicable to the bond under challenge and shall notify the department <br />to release the bond if they find the applicant or house mover has complied with the regulations governing said <br />bond, or shall notify the department to forfcit the bond if they find the applicant has failed to comply with the <br />regulations governing the bond. (Ord. 99-06, 1999; Ord, 94-8, 1994). <br />Chapter 5.20 <br />Sections <br />5,20,005 Legislative intent. <br />5.20.010 Basic clause. <br />520.015 Exceptions, <br />5,20,020 Permit application - Approval - Denial, <br />5.20.030 Application Barna. <br />5.20.040 Repealed. <br />5.20.041 Repealed, <br />5.20.050 Repealed. <br />5.20.060 Repealed, <br />5.20.070 Repealed, <br />5.20.080 Inspection - Enfor-cenaent. <br />5.20.090 Permit required - Fee - Regulations. <br />5.20.100 Penal bond - Bond of indemnity. <br />5.20.1 10 Posting. <br />5.20.120 Applicant age. <br />5.20.1 3)0 Statement of right to revolve on hermit. <br />http:llwA� 2/10/2010 <br />