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N. Sale and Change of Use <br /> <br />Kittitas County has adopted an ordinance in Kittitas County Code (KCC) Chapter 2.81 concerning <br />management of county property that may be applied in circumstances addressing sale and <br />change of use of projects financed in whole or in part with County ESSHB 2163 homeless <br />assistance surcharge funds. Ordinance 2.81.090(15) provides that where County property has <br />been conveyed without auction to a bona fide nonprofit organization, such conveyance shall be <br />for the purpose of improvement and utilization in perpetuity to further a recognized county <br />purpose, in exchange for the promise to continually operate services benefiting the public on <br />the site, with appropriate restrictions and covenants relating to timing of improvements, <br />disposition of revenue, accessibility by the general public, nondiscrimination, compliance with <br />laws, removal of liens, and reversion of title. <br /> <br />Consistent the intent of this provision to protect the interests of the County and its people, and <br />in furtherance of the health, safety and welfare of the community, it is the policy of Kittitas <br />County that any projects funded with ESSHB 2163 homeless assistance surcharge funds must, <br />pursuant to RCW 43.185C.070(3)(d), serve the homeless individuals or families target group for <br />a period of at least twenty-five (25) years. <br /> <br />If the recipient of ESSHB 2163 homeless assistance surcharge funds fails to meet the objectives <br />and requirements of the homeless assistance housing law and fails to serve the homeless <br />community in accord with the intent and requirements of RCW 36.22.179 and RCW <br />43.185C.070 for at least a period of twenty-five years, then any new real property acquisition <br />acquired with such funds shall revert to the County, along with all facilities constructed <br />thereon. Upon application to the Review Committee, and upon approval by the Board of <br />Kittitas County Commissioners, new housing projects shall have this restriction placed on the <br />deed. At the end of twenty-five years, the restriction may be removed. <br /> <br />Any deviation from this procedure may be addressed only with the specific approval of the <br />Board of Kittitas County Commissioners in a process similar to that outlined in KCC 2.81.090(15) <br />upon sale approval by the Board of Kittitas County Commissioners. <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />NOTE: OLD LANGUAGE FROM 2009 GUIDELINES <br />