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KITTITAS COUNTY <br />DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WORKS <br />AGENDA DATE: <br />ACTION REQUESTED: <br />AGENDA STAFF REPORT <br />October S, 2010 <br />Approve Commissioner Chair Signature on the <br />Agreement and Authorization for Consulting <br />Services with Century West for the Airfield Needs <br />Assessment and Airport Layout Update project. <br />BACKGROUND: The Airfield Needs Assessment and Airport Layout <br />Update project at Bowers Field consists of the <br />development of a needs assessment for the next 20 <br />years for Bowers Field. This needs assessment will <br />create a clear direction for the future of Bowers <br />Field. <br />Funding for this project is comprised of FAA, <br />WSDOT Aviation, and Local dollars. <br />A consultant selection process was completed and <br />Public Works - Bowers Field is recommending <br />Century West be contracted for the project. <br />The agreement for professional services currently <br />contains a limited liability clause that caps the <br />Engineer's liability at the Engineer's insurance <br />policy limit of $1 million. Therefore, the County <br />would be liable for any damages resulting from <br />Engineer's negligence or errors & omissions that <br />are over $1 million. The deputy prosecutor has <br />communicated with the County's insurance broker, <br />and the insurance broker believes that the limited <br />liability clause should be removed (and is rarely a <br />good idea in professional service agreement). The <br />Deputy prosecutor approves as to legality, but not <br />as to form. <br />INTERACTION: <br />Public Works; F.A.A.; State Aviation; Prosecutors <br />RECOMMENDATION: Motion to Approve Commissioner Chair Signature <br />on the Agreement and Authorization for <br />Consulting Services with Century West for the <br />