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Billing invoice <br />Inv Date: 07/29/2010 Due date: 09/05/2010 Amount due: $876.04 <br />Work Order: K5414201 <br />Invoice: RE 31H K54142 Customer: CLkIMS Bill code: 6351 <br />KITTITAS COUNTY SHERIFF <br />307 W. LZffy P,N N ROAD <br />FET gSBURG WA, 98926-6720 <br />Please remit to: <br />DEPT. OF TRANSPORTATTON <br />RISK MANAGEMENT OFFICE <br />P.O. BOX 47418 <br />OLYMPIA WA 98504-7418 <br />--------------------------------------------- ------------------------ <br />Direct inquiries to: <br />BARBARA TO= <br />FINAL NO�CE Ph. 360-704-6365 <br />Work Order Description Amount <br />---------- ----------------------------------- -------------------- <br />K5414201 GUARDRAIL 1-4-10 I82 MP10 S 876.04 <br />-------------------- <br />Total: $876.04 <br />DATE OF LOSS: 01/04/2010 <br />LOCATTON: I-82 MP 10 S OF MAN70HTASH RIDGE <br />We are advised that you and/or your vehicle were involved in an accident <br />or incident on the above date, causing damage to highway property and/or <br />loss of use (traffic control) as indicated on the enclosed repair cost <br />estimate. Pursuant to RCW 46.44.110, we expect reimbursement of the <br />above amount. Please do one of the following within 30 days: <br />1. Remit payment in full, payable to DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION <br />and forward your payment with one copy of this invoice to this <br />office. <br />2. Notify your mice carrier and provide us with their name, <br />address, and your policy/claim number. <br />However, if we have not heard from you within thirty days, it will be <br />necessary to pursue further collection/legal action against you for <br />payment of the damages. This could involve additional expense and <br />inconvenience to you. <br />Your prompt consideration and attention to this matter is requested. <br />RML NO�CE <br />DOT AM07-002 (Rev. 2/2007) AR11C <br />