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AGREEMENT <br />This Agreement is by and between the Dispute Resolution Center of Yakima and Kittitas <br />__ ..._...._. <br />Counties -(hereinafter referred to as "DRC") and the. Juvenile Court of Kittitas. County_._.__.. __........ <br />(hereinafter referred to as "County") and shall be in fall force and effect for the duration <br />of the current CJAA Evidence Based Enhancement Grant that funds the Victim Offender <br />Meeting Program (hereinafter referred to as "VOM"). <br />1. DURATION. This Agreement shall be effective when executed by both <br />parties and shall continue through June 30, 2011. <br />2. BUDGET. <br />2.01 Payments shall be made by the County within thirty (30) days of <br />receiving billing from the DRC for services pertaining to the VOM. <br />2.02 The DRC/VOM Program shall bill the County on a monthly basis for <br />items agreed to in the DRC offered budget that is attached as <br />Appendix A and by this reference is incorporated into this Agreement. <br />All expenses shall be invoiced within ten (10) days of the end of the <br />State Fiscal Year. <br />2.03 The DRC may add up to thirteen (13) percent of the monthly bill to <br />be billed as administrative expenses. <br />2.04 The DRC Coordinator of the VOM Program and any assistants will be <br />considered employees of the DRC, with the understanding that the <br />DRCNOM must provide its own money to pay the salaries of <br />DRCNOM employees. The DRC's services under this Agreement shall <br />be furnished by the DRC as an independent contractor and nothing <br />herein contained shall be construed to create a relationship with the <br />County of employer-employee or master -servant. <br />2.05 Expenses incurred by the DRCNOM Program such as rent, phone bill, <br />and supplies, upon approval by the Kittitas County Juvenile Court <br />Administrator, shall be billed by the DRC and paid with VOM <br />budgeted monies. <br />3. DRC MEDIATORS. <br />3.01 Mediators for the DRC who have been endorsed for the Victim <br />Offender Meetings shall be deemed to fall under the auspices of the <br />DRC pursuant to Chapter 7.75 of the Revised Code of Washington <br />when they conduct victim offender meetings within the program. <br />3.02 DRC Mediators serving as a victim offender meeting facilitators under <br />the VOM, are afforded the mediator liability coverage provided by <br />statute under Chapter 7.75 of the Revised Code of Washington. <br />3.03 The DRC'S certification committee, in conjunction with the County, <br />will endorse the VOM mediator candidates as qualified to conduct <br />victim offender meetings. <br />4. ADMINISTRATION. <br />