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U. S. Department of Justice <br />United States Marshals Service <br />KM TAS COUNTY SHERIFF <br />6ke' n"tib'Wservices <br />Intergovernmental Agreement <br />1. Agreement Number2. <br />Effective Date <br />3. Facility Code(s) <br />4. DUNS Number <br />1 <br />85-10-0004 <br />See Block 19 <br />OBU <br />01-020-2547 <br />5. Issuing Federal Agency <br />6. Local Government <br />United States Marshals Service <br />Kittitas County <br />Prisoner Operations Division <br />205 W 5th Avenue Suite 1/3ail <br />2604 Jefferson Davis Hwy <br />Ellensburg, WA 98926 <br />Alexandria, VA 22301 <br />Tax ID#: 91-6001349 <br />7. Appropriation Data <br />8. Local Contact Person <br />Paula Hoctor, Commander <br />15X1020 <br />9. Tel: (509) 962-7619 <br />Email: <br />Services u y <br />Estimated Number of. <br />Federal.."d"s':. <br />Per Diem" Rate <br />10. This agreement is for the housing, <br />11. <br />12. <br />safekeeping, and subsistence of federal <br />prisoners, in accordance with content set <br />Male: 10 <br />$60.00 <br />forth herein. <br />13. Optional Guard/Transportation Services to: <br />14. <br />❑ Medical Facility <br />Guard/Transportation Hourly Rate: $N/A <br />❑ U.S. Courthouse <br />Mileage shall be reimbursed by the Federal Government at the GSA <br />Federal Travel Regulation Mileage Rate. <br />15. Local Government Certification <br />16. Signature of Person Authorized to Sign (Local) <br />To the best of my knowledge and belief, <br />information submitted in support of this <br />f' <br />agreement is true and correct, this document <br />has been duly authorized by the body governing <br />Signature <br />the Department or Agency and the Department <br />Gene Dana <br />or Agency will comply with all provisions set <br />forth herein. <br />Print Name <br />Sheriff--r��i) <br />Title Date <br />17.Prisoner and <br />18. Other Authorized <br />19. Signature of Person Authorized to Sign (Federal) <br />Detainee Type <br />Agency User <br />Authorized <br />X Adult Male <br />❑ BOP <br />Signature <br />❑ Adult Female <br />❑ ICE <br />Mary Horsey <br />Print Name <br />❑ Juvenile Male <br />❑ Juvenile Female <br />Grants Specialist <br />Title Date <br />Page 1 of 11 <br />