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Application <br />House Bill 1386 <br />Organi2ation Name: Ellensburg Rodeo Hall of Farre <br />I.R.S. Status: 501(c)(3) 601 812 059 Other - <br />How long has your organization been in existence? 1997" <br />Address: 110 W Sixth No. 374 City: _Ellensburg <br />Zip Code: 98926 Phone: ..509.964-2155 <br />Contact Person's Name Barb Foster Title: Photo Project Manager <br />Organization Budget: $1825 Name of Project for Funds Requested: Preservation, scanning and <br />prinfin2 of Frank ©echsner Collection, consisting of hundreds of high quality Ellensburg Rodeo images from 1929-1955. <br />Briefly describe your project: Purrhase scanner for 650 4 x 5" ne atives and 3503 LhoLc2raphs. Scanned images would <br />bg co ied on phoMnaphic paper. ERHOF would purchase notebooks and thurnbdrives for stora e. 5 eciai photographs <br />would be enlarged fors ectal exhibits during the rodeo and for exhibits at local museums. <br />Geographic area, served: Images will be exhibited at ERHOF displays and at iocai museums and eventually will be online. <br />Anticipated project period: Scanning and printing of images wriil begin in Marchand should be completed by December 1, 2010. <br />Total amount of contributed requested from the HS 1386 Fund (pursuant to RCW 36. 22.170);$1825. <br />Other funding; sources for this prctiect: <br />Source/Commitments to date /amount Cather sources applied to for this project Amount <br />None <br />Has your organization received funding from the Kittitas County HB 1386 fund (RCW 36.22.170) in the past? <br />Yes If yes, please mote the year, amount and project: 2008 ERHOF received $2,000 to scan <br />and to praspotalM photographs fro the Ellensburg JitK=L.QUecfipn. Good usQd comput Q purchased. <br />If awarded funds, I and my organization understand and agree that the requested funds shall only be used in accord <br />with Kittitas County Resolution No. 20308-43, for historic preservation, historic preservation programs, and historic <br />document preservation. We understand that we must comply with the Kittitas County Auditor's reporting <br />requirements; that if our organization is granted an award, the funds roust be used in the year of the grant period; <br />and that any unused portion of an award will be forfeited and returned to the fund for future use. <br />** If awarded hands, organization rrt>;�ast comply with the Kittitas County Auditor's reporting <br />requirements. <br />Return to: <br />Kiffitas County Board of Commissioners <br />205 West 5u Avenue — Room 108 <br />MensWrg, WA 98926 <br />(509) 962.7508 * Fax: (509) 962-7679 <br />hgg-c�� <br />RECEPYBUD <br />2009 <br />new, <br />St �� �_.d <br />o i?r� a <br />