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1 � � \iiia%myl <br />1 __ kl lITISFOi'�3'1 _ <br />3ecenibear 9, 2009 <br />Mr. Craig Johnson. <br />352 Danko Road <br />Cle EIlr m, WA 98922 <br />Dear Mr. }ohnson- <br />KitfiOs Coin nty, Washii igtoii <br />_BOAFJ)OFCOIJNTY COMMISSIONERS <br />District (A(r Di.,A ict Tws) District Thee <br />Paul iewell Mara Cranko ich Mark 1 oChiit <br />Tfi,ink you for your effort and comi-nitn).ent that you have shourn as a member of-- the <br />KittitEas Count)) Airport Advisofy Board, <br />As you may be aware, your term as a Board meniber will expire cert. December 11 , 2009. <br />In accordance with the Kittitas County policy of appointments, our office rn.ust <br />advertise a con -ink; vacandes and request 11-at-ea-ested persons to submit an appiication; <br />however, first consideration will be given to <br />ifI..ou. would like to be considered for reappointment to this Board, pleaser advise ou <br />o9:ficc an writing beforc. December 28, 2009. Thank you, <br />Sincerely, <br />a <br />E <br />Mandy Robinson <br />Deputy Clerk of the Board <br />cep: Airport Advisory Board file <br />Kelly Carlson, Public Works Dept. <br />2 <br />S <br />RECEIVED <br />I`,'ITTITA4(Y);TjTYC(')ijRTIA011.TF?Oi VXT�"' RM 10,< F1€FNSFiI!R(i.WA(M26 <br />