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PROJECTNAME: F&G PBC Plat (LP -08-19) <br />Index # <br />*Numbers in lower right hand corner <br />Document Name <br />1 <br />Long Plat Application & SEPA checklist <br />2 <br />Transmittal of Comments 6/6/08 <br />3 <br />Affidavit of Posting <br />4 <br />Notice of Application <br />5 <br />Affidavit of Mailing <br />6 <br />Affidavit of Publication <br />7 <br />Comment letter from Cecile B. Woods 6/2/08 <br />8 <br />Comment letter from Deidre Link 6/2/08 <br />9 <br />Comment letter from Kathleen Woods 6/3/08 <br />10 <br />Comment letter from Dept of Ecology 6/2/08 <br />11 <br />Comment e-mail from Chief Russ Hopps, Fire Dist 97 6/16/08 <br />12 <br />Comment letter from Kittitas Co. Fire Marshal's office 7/8/08 <br />13 <br />Comment letter from Environmental Health 6/4/08 <br />14 <br />Letter from Sapphire Skies to Kirk Holmes PWDirector <br />11/21/08 <br />15 <br />Memorandum — Kittitas Co. Public Works 6/3/08, 7/9/08 & <br />10/19/09 <br />16 <br />Letter from Sapphire Skies to Cathy Bambrick, Public Health <br />Administrator 10/21/09 <br />17 <br />Comment letter from Kittitas Co. Public Health 10/26/09 <br />18 <br />SEPA Mitigated Determination of Non -Significance (MDNS) <br />10/29/09 <br />19 <br />Notice of Decision SEPA Action & Public Hearing <br />20 <br />Affidavit of Publication <br />21 <br />Letter to Cool Water LLC & Allison Kimball from Dan Valoff <br />CDS Staff Planner 10/29/09 <br />22 <br />Hearing Examiner Staff Report <br />