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KITTITAS COUNTY <br />Board of County Commissioners <br /> <br />AGENDA STAFF REPORT <br /> <br />AGENDA DATE: December 19, 2017 <br /> <br />ACTION REQUESTED: Set a public hearing for January 2, 2018 to consider <br />approval of amendments to Kittitas County Code 2.55 <br />(Public Records Disclosure) to clarify certain provisions <br />and to reflect amendments to State law in the past <br />legislative session. <br /> <br />BACKGROUND: The Kittitas County Records Management Committee <br />(RMC), with the assistance of the Kittitas County <br />Prosecutor’s Office (PAO), has invested a large amount of <br />time at the request of the Board of County Commissioners <br />in an effort to train all County employees on the general <br />nature and obligations of Records Management and the <br />Public Records Act, RCW 42.56 (PRA), with the goal of <br />reducing the risk of error and related liability. In the course <br />of developing the training, several inter-related aspects of <br />compliance with the PRA were studied. During that period, <br />the State Legislature made substantial amendments to the <br />PRA that had potential impacts on the County’s practices <br />and required amendment to the County Code in order to be <br />compliant. <br /> <br />INTERACTION: The RMC utilized sub-committees to achieve the <br />development of sound practices and associated training. In <br />the course of doing so, the need to amend Chapter 2.55 of <br />the County Code became evident, and the proposed <br />amendments were prepared by the undersigned and <br />reviewed by multiple members of the RMC prior to the <br />RMC recommending adoption. <br /> <br />RECOMMENDATION: Review the proposed amendments and adopt them as <br />written. <br /> <br />ATTACHMENT: Ordinance Amending Chapter 2.55 of the Kittitas County <br />Code, and information copies showing the before/after <br />using “markup” in Word. <br /> <br />LEAD STAFF: Douglas Mitchell, Deputy Prosecuting Attorney