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Chapter 2.55 <br />PUBLIC RECORDS DISCLOSURE <br />Sections <br />2.55.010 Authority and Purpose. <br />2.55.020 Agency Description - Contact Information - Public Records Officer. <br />2.55.030 Availability of Public Records. <br />2.55.040 Making a Request for Public Records. <br />2.55.050 Processing of Public Records Requests - General. <br />2.55.060 Exemptions. <br />2.55.070 Costs of Providing Copies of Public Records. <br />2.55.080 Review of Denial of Public Records. <br />2.55.090 Disclaimer of Liability. <br />2.55.100 Severability. <br />2.55.010 Authority and Purpose. <br />1. Chapter 42.56 RCW, the Public Records Act ("actPRA"), requires Kittitas County to make <br />available for inspection and copying nonexempt "public records" in accordance with published <br />rules. The act defines "public records" as any writing containing information relating to the <br />conduct of government or the performance of any governmental or proprietary function <br />prepared, owned, used, or retained by Kittitas County. <br />2. The purpose of the act is to: <br />a. provide the public full access to identifiable records concerning the conduct of <br />government, yet remaining mindful of individuals' privacy rights; <br />b. protect public records from damage or disorganization; <br />c. attempt to prevent excessive interference with essential governmental functions. <br />3. The purpose of these rulesthis ordinance is to establish procedures and inform the public as to <br />how Kittitas County ("County") will give assistance in providing full access to public records. <br />These rules incorporate best practices for compliance with the act and are based upon the <br />Model Rules of the Washington State Attorney General. <br />4. All County departments, divisions, bureaus, boards, committees, commissions and officers will <br />follow these procedures. (Ord. 2010-01, 2010). <br />2.55.020 Agency Description - Contact Information - Public Records Officer. <br />1. As a political subdivision of the State of Washington, the County is an agency subject to the act. <br />The County offices, departments, bureaus, boards, committees, commissions, elected officials, <br />and other agencies of the County are also agencies subject to the act. For the purpose of thisese <br />rulesordinance, the term "County" includes any applicable County agency. The term "County <br />agency" refers to and includes all County Offices, and Departments, and Boards and <br />Commissions. Any person seeking access to public records or assistance with making a public <br />records request of the County, shall contact the public records officer of the applicable County <br />agency. Each County agency is independent for the purposes of complying with and responding <br />to requests pursuant to the PRA. For example, when seeking records from the Kittitas County <br />Assessor's Office, the requestor would contact the public records officer or the officer's <br />designee at the Assessor's office. Records requests directed to any board or commission shall <br />be made to the Office or Department of which that board or commission is a component. Court <br />files and other records at the judiciary may not be subject to the Public Records Act or to this <br />Ordinance, at least to the extent set forth in Nast v. Michels, 107 Wn.2d 300 (1986) and Spokane