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Docket 17-08: KCC Title 12 2017 | Page 1 of 3 <br /> <br />Docket <br />Item <br />No. <br />Project Name Brief Description of <br />Suggested Amendment <br />Who <br />Suggested <br />Amendment <br />Staff <br />Lead Staff Recommendation <br />17-08 Variance <br />Standards <br />Update existing variance <br />fairness standards <br />BOCC <br /> <br />DRAFT – November 2017 <br />Kittitas County Code Title 12, amendment to Section 12.01 is proposed as follows: <br />12.01.130 Variances (Departures from the Standards) and Appeals. <br />Variances from these Standards may be granted by the Road Variance Committee, comprised of <br />the Public Works Director, Community Development Services representative, Fire Marshal, or <br />designees, and three citizens appointed by the BOCC. <br /> <br />If the proposed road variance is located within a fire district, notice of the proposed <br />variance shall be provided to the applicable fire district a minimum of 14 days prior to the <br />Road Variance Committee meeting scheduled for consideration of the variance request. <br />The fire district may submit comments on the road variance request up until the committee <br />has made a decision on the request. <br /> <br />The granting of a variance shall be in the public interest. When the need for a variance can be <br />identified in advance, the variance should be proposed at preliminary plat stage and be included for <br />consideration during plan review and public hearing. Variances from the standards in this title will <br />be considered on a case-by-case basis. Variances will be granted only upon evidence that the <br />variance demonstrates the following: <br />A. Unusual circumstances or conditions apply to the property and/or the intended <br />use that do not apply generally to other property in the same vicinity or district; <br />and <br />B. Such variance is necessary for the preservation and enjoyment of a substantial <br />property right of the developer possessed by the owners of other properties in <br />the same vicinity or district; and <br />C. The authorization of such variance will not be materially detrimental to the <br />public welfare or injurious to property in the vicinity or district in which the <br />property is located; and <br />D. Special conditions and circumstances do not result from the actions of the <br />developer; and <br />E. The granting of such variance will not adve rsely affect the realization of the <br />Kittitas County Comprehensive Plan, Long-Range Transportation Plan or this <br />title. <br />The variance request(s) shall consist of: <br />A. Variance fee. <br />B. Variance application.