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Docket 17-07: KCC Title 6 2017 | Page 1 of 13 <br /> <br /> <br />Docket <br />Item <br />No. <br />Project Name Brief Description of <br />Suggested Amendment <br />Who <br />Suggested <br />Amendment <br />Staff <br />Lead Staff Recommendation <br />17-07 Dog Control Implementing a dog control <br />ordinance <br />BOCC <br /> <br />DRAFT – November 2017 <br />Kittitas County Code Title 9 amendment is proposed as follows: <br />6.01.010 Purpose of provisions. <br /> <br />The purpose of the dog control ordinance codified in this Chapter is to enhance public health, <br />safety, and welfare through the regulation of dog ownership and reduce or eliminate offensive <br />dog behavior. <br /> <br />6.01.020 Definitions <br /> <br />The following words and phrases used or referred to in this chapter shall have the following <br />meanings unless a different meaning appears from the context: <br />1. "Adult dog" means any dog having a set of permanent canine teeth, or older than six <br /> months of age. <br />2. "Aggressive behavior" means any physical contact between dog and person, where a <br /> responsible person feels threatened, that includes, but is not limited to any of the <br /> following: snarling, baring teeth, chasing, growling, snapping, pouncing, or lunging, but <br /> not to include a bite or bites. <br />3. "Animal" means any dog, cat, exotic, wild or dangerous animal or livestock. <br />4. "At large" means, with regard to dogs, being physically present on public property and <br /> not under the actual control of a person, or being physically present on private premises <br /> without permission of the person in control of such premises. Exceptions: "At large" <br /> does not include: <br />(a) Dogs exhibited in dog shows, field trials, obedience training or trials, or the <br /> training of dogs; or <br />(b) The use of a dog under the supervision of a person wither to hunt wild animals <br /> or game birds during the open seasons, or to chase or tree predatory animals; or <br />(c) The use of a dog either to control or protect livestock or property or in other <br /> related agriculture activities under the supervision of dog owner. <br />(d) The use of a dog in a law enforcement or related activity or function. <br /> 5. "Bite" means to seize with teeth or jaws so as to enter, grip, wound or pierce, which <br />causes a breaking of the skin, causing an exchange or transfer of saliva. <br /> 6. "Board" means the Board of Kittitas County Commissioners. <br /> 7. "Capable person" means any individual having attributes, including physical and mental <br /> abilities, sufficient to control an animal and being at least 18 years of age. <br /> 8. "Conviction" means either an adjudication of guilt for a misdemeanor or gross <br /> misdemeanor pursuant to Kittitas County Code Chapter 6.01 including a verdict of <br /> guilty, a finding of guilty, an acceptance of a plea of guilty or a forfeiture or bail; or any <br /> committed finding after adjudication for an infraction pursuant to Kittitas County Code