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Docket 17-05: KCC Title 16 Subdivisions 2017| Page 1 of 2 <br /> <br />Docket <br />Item <br />No. <br />Project Name Brief Description of <br />Suggested Amendment <br />Who <br />Suggested <br />Amendment <br />Staff <br />Lead Staff Recommendation <br />17-05 KCC Title 16 Housekeeping <br />Amendments: <br /> Add <br />language to eliminate <br />pre-app for Ag short <br />plat <br /> 16.32.090- Typo to <br />correct short plat <br />extension language, to <br />state application shall <br />be submitted at least 30 <br />days ‘prior’ to expiration <br />Staff CDS <br />Building <br />Approve <br /> <br />DRAFT – November 2017 <br />Kittitas County Code Title 16 Subdivisions, amendments are proposed as follows: <br /> <br />16.09.080 Process for Approval <br /> <br />1. Prior to submitting an application the applicant shall submit a request for a Pre-application Conference with the <br />staff of Community Development Services. (CDS). CDS will schedule the pre-application conference and invite <br />other county departments and outside agencies as appropriate to review and offer comments regarding the <br />application and to assist the applicant in the appropriate process. <br />2.1. Submit preliminary Cluster Plat or Conservation Plat map in conformance with requirements in KCC Chapter <br />15A Project Permit Application Review, KCC Chapter 16.12 Preliminary Plats or KCC Chapter 16.32 Short Plat <br />Requirements, as applicable, and Title 12 Road Standards. <br />3.2. Cluster Plats and Conservation Plats are to be processed as a short subdivision or subdivision, depending on <br />the number of lots proposed, and are subject to the review process as provided for in KCC Title 15A Project <br />Permit Application Process. <br />4.3. Final Cluster Plat or Conservation Plat approval must be in conformance with KCC Chapter 16.20 Final Plats. <br />5.4. Process for Approval of Agricultural Plats <br />a. Agricultural Plats <br />i. Prior to submitting an application the applicant and the County shall hold a pre-application <br />meeting. <br />ii. After the pre-application meeting the applicant shall submit an agricultural plat based on <br />information and input from the County at the pre-application meeting. <br />iii.i. The Agricultural Plat shall be processed as a short plat or long plat as defined in Title 16. <br />6.5. Documentation shall be submitted by the applicant stating how the proposed development meets the intent of <br />KCC Chapter 16.09. <br /> <br />16.32.090 Expiration <br /> <br />A final short plat meeting all requirements of this chapter shall be submitted and approved within the timeframe <br />specified by RCW 58.17.140 . Failure to do so will result in the short plat being expired and no longer valid. No <br />further action is necessary regarding an application once the short plat has expired pursuant to this chapter. Any <br />applicant who files a written request with the administrator within 30 days before at least 30 days prior to the