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Docket 17-01: KCC Title 5 Business Licenses and Regulations 2017 | Page 1 of 3 <br /> <br /> <br />Docket <br />Item <br />No. <br />Project Name Brief Description of <br />Suggested Amendment <br />Who <br />Suggested <br />Amendment <br />Staff <br />Lead Staff Recommendation <br />17-01 KCC Title 5 KCC 5.20- Make changes to <br />event permit requirements <br />BOCC <br /> <br />DRAFT – November 2017 <br />Kittitas County Code Title 5 Business licenses and regulations, amendment to Section 5.20 is proposed as follows: <br /> <br />5.20.010 Basic clause. <br /> It is unlawful for any person, corporation, organization, landowner, or lessor to allow, encourage, organize, promote, <br />conduct, permit or cause to be advertised an entertainment, amusement, sporting event, or show or assembly of <br />persons wherein the primary purpose will be entertainment, amusement, sporting event, or show, which the person, <br />corporation, organization, landowner, or lessor believes or has reason to believe will attract one hundred (100) or <br />more persons, and where a charge or contribution is required for admission or access, unless a valid county permit <br />has been obtained for the operation of said public amusement, entertainment or assembly. One such permit shall be <br />required for each public entertainment or other amusement events. An admissions tax mayshall also be levied or <br />imposed on said event by KCC chapter 3.22. Criminal or civil liability for failure to comply with the provisions of this <br />chapter shall rest in all persons, corporations, organizations, landowners or lessors who are responsible for obtaining <br />permits under this section. (Ord. 2009-22, 2009; Ord. 99-06, 1999; Ord. 9217, 1992; Ord. 69-11 § 2, Vol. O, p. 129, <br />1969) <br />5.20.015 Exceptions. <br /> The requirement of KCC 5.20.010 to obtain a permit shall not apply to: <br />1.De Minimis Exception <br /> Persons, corporations, organizations, landowners or lessors believing that an event falling under KCC 5.20.010 will <br />attract less than 300 person and will comply with all other county ordinances and laws of the State of Washington, <br />assuming that such belief is reasonable. <br />21.Conditional Use Permit Exception <br /> Events that occur on a parcel or parcels with a valid Conditional Use Permit that specifically contemplates and <br />authorizes such gatherings of more than 300 persons. <br />32.The Kittitas County Fair, events conducted on the Kittitas County Fairgrounds, or Events conducted by Kittitas <br />County or its subdivisions. <br />43.Events held in connection with and upon the same lot as a building that has been permitted, including a passing <br />final inspection, for occupancy of at least as many individuals as are reasonably anticipated at the event, inclusive of <br />any persons that will be at the building or on the lot even if not in connection with the event. Provided that such <br />building has received a passing fire and life safety inspection from the Kittitas County Fire Marshall's Office within the <br />last year.