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KITTITAS COUNTY <br />DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WORKS <br />AGENDA STAFF REPORT <br />AGENDA DATE: October 17, 2017 <br />ACTION REQUESTED: Approve the Chairman's Signature on Formal Task Order <br />Document Number 003 with Jacobs Engineering Group Inc <br />BACKGROUND: In 2014 Public Works submitted an application to the <br />Washington Federal Lands Access Program for Teanaway <br />Road Hydraulics Improvements. <br />In 2016 Public Works executed the final agreement <br />documents from the Federal Highway Administration <br />(FHWA) department awarding $2,432,074 of grant funds <br />for said project. <br />Public Works successfully negotiated a change of scope <br />with FHWA in August of 2016 to change the Hydraulic <br />Improvement locations to address the top two identified <br />maintenance and flood locations. Additionally Public <br />Works reached out to the Washington State Department of <br />Fish and Wildlife to ensure the proposed project locations <br />also addressed top priorities in the region for fish passage. <br />Following the realignment of the engineering division and <br />the addition of survey capabilities Public Works requested <br />in the spring of 2017 that the delivery method for the <br />design and construction be altered. FHWA agreed to <br />relinquish control of the project delivery and allow these <br />efforts to be conducted in house by Public Works. <br />Public Works followed contracting guidelines for second <br />tier competition with the current three civil on call firms <br />selected through the Request for Qualifications (RFQ) <br />process that was finalized in February 2017. Following <br />scoring on the Request for Additional Information received <br />for the Teanaway Hydraulic project Jacobs Engineering <br />was the successful consultant selected to perform the work. <br />The cost for engineering services has been negotiated with <br />Jacobs Engineering Group for the Hydraulic, Geotechnical, <br />Environmental and Real Estate Services portions of the <br />design. Public Works is in agreement that a not to exceed <br />$327,653 is a fair cost for delivery and will keep the project <br />within budget including costs associated with the civil <br />design provided in house. <br />