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=/AhadaS <br />_ <br />REPROGRAPHIC <br />"Your Digital Copy Professionals" <br />Thank You Name(s Michael Flory & Steph Mifflin <br />Phone: 509-933-8222 <br />Sold To: Kittitas County Community Development Deliver to: Same <br />411 N. Ruby Street <br />Acct #: <br />PO #: <br />Sales ReD/#: Rvan Wood Shin Date: <br />Quantit <br />Item # <br />Description <br />Serial # <br />Unit Price <br />1 <br />A79KOl1 <br />BH -0558 55ppm. BIW & Color <br />1 <br />A9HF013 <br />PC -415 Lg. Capacity Tray 3 <br />1 <br />A87GWY1 <br />FS -536 50 Sheet Stapling Finisher <br />$.0068 B/W & $.046 Color <br />_Monthly <br />1 <br />A87JWY2 <br />RU -513 Relay Unit <br />1 <br />3ETW11 <br />PK -520 2/3 Hole Punch Unit <br />Total <br />$11,800.00 <br />EPA Contract 16KA9326-AEPA-IFB 017-B <br />0 Month Fair Market Value Lease Option <br />Total <br />$212.99 <br />Warranty: Covered Under Extended Maintenance <br />Maintenance Contract: <br />Average Monthly Volume 5,000 B/W 1,000 Color <br />Service Manager Aooroval: <br />Base Charge <br />Copy Allowance <br />Charge Per Copy <br />_Overages _X_ All Copies <br />Billing <br />Annual <br />Quarterly <br />_X <br />NA <br />NA <br />$.0068 B/W & $.046 Color <br />_Monthly <br />Special Instructions: Contract covers all parts, labor, toner and staples. Rates locked for up to 5 years. 5% Increase year 6. <br />Key Operator <br />Meter E -Mail: <br />Fax #:509-962-7682 <br />Terms: 60 Month FMV Lease <br />Customer Signature: X <br />