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die- <br />APPLICATION FOR APPOINTMENT <br />TO KITTITAS COUNTY BOARDS & COMMISSIONS <br />Citizen boards and commissions are critical to the effective functioning of County government. We <br />appreciate your interest in wishing to serve Kittitas County and ask that you complete this brief <br />application. If you wish, please feel free to attach a fact sheet or resume to this application. This <br />application form is considered a public document. PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY. <br />BOARDS OR COMMISSIONS FOR WHICH YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE CONSIDERED: <br />s <br />Date: <br />r <br />Name: / "'V. <br />r V l <br />Business Address: Home Address:{ <br />City State Zip <br />�r✓1P�rl��►�/� li�G� �� <br />-61y StateZip <br />B4aaQesXhone: Aj W � %�?J�� Home Phone: <br />Email address: _ iI x, A.�ti6tP,��► Id !�( <br />(High school, name and location of college or university, year graduated, and degree): _ <br />(job title, employer, employment date, contact, phone): (;� .1w.4--fe <br />r <br />Ea <br />U5F'o '5p -AV cR%(,91110� -�,v�l �vi� c0foe-epi <br />PLEASE NOTE: ALL APPLICATIONS SUBMITTED TO THE BOARD OF COUNTY <br />COMMISSIONERS FOR APPOINTMENT BECOME OFFICIAL PUBLIC RECORDS. <br />