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<br />2019-08-14 MINUTES 1 <br /> <br />KITTITAS COUNTY <br />EC STUDY SESSION MINUTES <br />BOCC CONFERENCE ROOM, 205 WEST 5TH ROOM 108 - ELLENSBURG <br />Regular Meeting <br /> <br />WEDNESDAY 10:00 AM August 14, 2019 <br />Board members present: Chairman Cory Wright; Vice-Chairman Brett <br />Wachsmith <br />Others: Kady Porterfield (Event Center Director); Lacie Dawson (Event Center Program <br />Manager); Anne Anderson (CWU Equestrian Team Advisor); Dan Morgan (Ellensburg <br />Rodeo Board) <br />Call to Order <br />At 10:00 a.m. Chairman Wright opened meeting to discuss Event <br />Center business. <br />General Event and Rental Updates <br />Kady is working with the CWU equestrian team to contract for the <br />2019-2020 school year (September 2019 to May 2020) for horse <br />boarding. <br />Anne spoke about the CWU Equestrian Club: <br /> Largest club at CWU <br /> Last year they brought in more money in fund raising than <br />any other club <br /> Students do more community service than any other club <br /> Average 35-40 student participants yearly <br /> Will have 10-20 horses, all will be fully cared for by <br />the students <br />There is a plan to move the horses during events to the stock <br />pens for turn out when the barn is needed for other events. <br />Kady is working on a fee structure. Per Anne, CWU will cover <br />the insurance and add Kittitas Valley Event Center as an <br />additionally insured. Chairman Wright asked if the CWU <br />Equestrian Club would be willing to help with community service <br />at the Event Center. Anne said that may be possible and would