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PROFESSIONAL SERVICES AGREEMENT <br />FOR <br />PROVISION OF SERVICES <br />This Agreement is made and entered into effect f 'J WI between Kittitas County Sheriffs <br />Office and Community Health of Central W ashing o (hereinafter referred to as CHCW) <br />WHEREAS, Kittitas County Sheriffs Office owns and operates the Kittitas County Corrections Center , <br />WHEREAS, CHCW, through its physicians and practitioners, is engaged in the practice of medicine, as <br />an independent contracting entity and offers services to the general public, including hospitals, clinics and <br />individual persons and is qualified to provide Substance Use Disorder Treatment (SUD) to patients within the <br />care of the Kittitas County Corrections Center. <br />In consideration of the mutual covenants, conditions and promises contained herein, Kittitas County <br />Sheriffs Office and CHCW hereby agree as follows: <br />Kittitas County Corrections Center and CHCW share a common goal of early entry into medicine assisted <br />treatment of opioid disorders and will work collaboratively to monitor the number of patients beginning <br />substance use disorder treatment. <br />1. Services to be Provided by CHCW. <br />1.1 CHCW will provide medical treatment for SUD to person(s) incarcerated in Kittitas County <br />Corrections Center as deemed appropriate by CHCW providers. <br />1.2 CHCW will triage inmates on the waiting list to get in as many patients as reasonable possible <br />knowing that we may not be able to serve all patients requesting services. <br />1.3 Upon visit, prescriptions will be sent to the pharmacy of Kittitas County Correction Center's choice. <br />1.4 Next appointment reminders will be given to jail personnel. <br />1.5 Medical services shall reflect the exercise of the standard of care of a reasonably prudent health care <br />provider in the same profession. <br />2. Non-Exclusive Services. CHCW shall provide SUD treatment to incarcerated patients in the care of the <br />Kittitas County Corrections Center on a non-exclusive basis. <br />3. Qualifications. All providers providing SUD under this Agreement shall maintain, on an unrestricted basis: <br />A. Li censure as a physician or other health care provider in the State of Washington; <br />B. Federal DEA number for physicians; <br />C. Certification by the American Board of Family Medicine; <br />CHCW and each Practitioner agree to notify Kittitas County Corrections Center promptly in writing of any <br />sanction, restriction, suspension, probation, termination or other change in any of the above qualifications. <br />4. Responsibilities of Kittitas County Corrections Center. <br />4.1 Transportation and supervision of incarcerated patients to and from the medical clinic located at 521 <br />E. Mountain View Ave, Ellensburg, WA 98926. <br />4.2 Administration of medication as instructed by provider to patient.