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Kittitas County Solid Waste, Fair : Maintenance Study Session <br />February 10th, 2011-10:00 a.m. <br />Those Present: <br />Al Crankovich Paul Jewell Obie O'Brien <br />Patti Johnson Lisa Lawrence Lisa Young @ 10:45 <br />Matthew Anderson Brenda Barker <br />**Solid Waste Update: Patti informed the board that garbage was starting to come in faster <br />lately due to the nicer weather. There was discussion about the Compost Facility, the types of <br />material coming in and pricing, specifically orchards pruning's or any flood debris. Patti stated <br />that the facility isn't seeing much of those types of material and the current price of $60.00 per <br />ton is still one of the highest in the area, yet we sold out last year. <br />There was discussion about the difference of garbage coming in verses garbage being hauled <br />out and that the department is still working on it. Patti stated that Waste Management has been <br />very cooperative in the process of trying to resolve the issue. <br />Board Direction: None <br />Litter Grant Programs and Staffing- Patti informed the board the current Litter Grant had <br />approximately $2100.00 left in it to be used by June 2011.Patti recommended starting the <br />program early with an inmate crew to utilize the funds in the current grant and using the <br />departments on call employee to supervise the crew. There was discussion of the new grant <br />application and utilizing inmates for the early and late season and a youth crew in the summer <br />months depending on funding. <br />Board Direction: In favor of running an inmate and or youth crew. <br />Other Business: There was discussion about Solid Wastes new tire disposal contract and <br />as a result need to look at the current fee schedule for the disposal of tires at the Transfer <br />Stations. <br />Board Direction: None <br />Patti Johnson, Solid Waste Director <br />APPROWED <br />