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COMMISSIONERS' MINUTES <br />KITTITAS COUNTY, WASHINGTON <br />COMMISSIONERS AUDITORIUM <br />SPECIAL MEETING <br />FRIDAY 1:30 P.M. FEBRUARY 4, 2011 <br />Board members present: Chairman Paul Jewell, Vice -Chairman Alan <br />Crankovich and Commissioner O'Brien. <br />Others: Catherine Dunn, Deputy Clerk of the Board; Jerry Pettit, <br />Auditor; Nancy Goodloe, Chair, Homeless and Affordable Housing <br />Committee; Cathy Bambrick, Sarah Bedsaul, Kelly Thielen, Members of <br />the Committee; Tim Sullivan, Homeless Network of Yakima County, Tom <br />Gaulke, Carole Rhodes, Susan Kautzman, Patty Jordan and Lyle Ocker, <br />Entrust Community Services; Von Elison, Central WA Disabilities <br />Resources; Perry Rowe, Housing Authority of Kittitas County; Roger <br />McCune, Ellensburg Fish Food Bank; Cindy Maib-Robinson, People for <br />People/ WorkSource Kittitas County; Amy Peters, People for People/2- <br />1-1, Yakima County. <br />SPECIAL MEETING HOMELESS NETWORK DISCUSSION HOMELESS COMMITTEE <br />At 1:30 p.m. Chairman Jewell opened the special meeting have a <br />discussion with the Homeless and Affordable Housing Committee. Nancy <br />Goodloe, Chair, explained the Yakima Homeless Network and how it <br />might work in Kittitas County. She said the system wide approach to <br />homelessness in Yakima County is a more efficient use of the funding <br />and resources. She introduced Tim Sullivan, of the Yakima Homeless <br />Network who works in Yakima County Human Resources. <br />Tim Sullivan said he has been involved in working for the homeless <br />since 2004, first through United Way and then through the Homeless <br />Network. He said the network started when Yakima County invited many <br />different agencies to meet and develop a 10 year plan with structures <br />and guidelines that addressed emergency needs of the homeless. Some <br />of the subcommittees of the network are: Homeless Health Care; <br />Respite Program and the Housing Stability Program. The Network only <br />works through agency collaboration with written membership <br />commitment. He said the network arrangement points out the gaps in <br />community services with evaluation forms. <br />Nancy Goodloe said the Homeless and Affordable Housing Committee is <br />working on a quarterly report form incorporating some of the <br />evaluation questions on the Yakima County forms. <br />Chairman Jewell asked whether the providers sat on the committees and <br />sub -committees. Mr. Sullivan replied that providers, business owners <br />2011-02-04 MINUTES 1 APPROWED <br />3111?01� <br />