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"ICpOFS... TO r" <br />"` KZTTZTgtB COUNTY <br />44 <br />DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WORKS <br />Kirk Holmes, Director <br />KITTITAS COItNTt' <br />TO: Neil Caulkins, DPA <br />FROM: Douglas D'Hondt, County Engineer, Public Works <br />DATE: February 17, 2011 <br />SUBJECT: Norwood Flood Claim <br />The site is not considered part of the FEMA designated 100 -year floodplain. The property was <br />flooded as a result of a levee breach. It is not clear what the levee failure mode was. The levee <br />may have been overtopped causing erosion from the top down. The levee may have been <br />eroded from the toe within the river. Seepage may have allowed erosion from the landward side <br />resulting in a progressive failure leading to the river. Evidence of levee armoring found <br />downstream indicates the failure was likely due to erosion from the river side. <br />No record of a Kittitas County flood management system on the Teanaway River was found. <br />The only known levees are found immediately upstream of SR 970 on the right bank and at the <br />left bank located near the end of Quail Valley Road. <br />Kittitas County does not retain ownership of the levee and never has. Kittitas County worked <br />with the US Army Corps of Engineers after the January 2009 flood event to reconstruct the <br />levee for protection of Quail Valley and Lambert Roads. <br />USACE planned to finish the levee reconstruction summer 2011. KCPW will not complete the <br />construction until this claim is resolved. <br />411 North Ruby, Suite 1 TEL (509) 962-7523 <br />Ellensburg, WA 98926 FAX (509) 962-7663 <br />