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(4-12) TECHNOLOGY USE <br />Quick Links <br />• Illegal or Inappropriate Actions <br />• Personal use of Technology <br />• Information Services Policies and Procedures <br />• Telephones <br />• Cellular Phones <br />• Smartphones <br />• Fax Machines <br />• Printers <br />• Copy Machines <br />• Return to Table of Contents <br />Effective Date: 03/01/00 <br />Revision Date: 01/01/11 <br />To enhance efficiency and enable better service, Kittitas County provides a variety of technology and <br />tools to aid employees in completing their assigned tasks. This technology includes, but is not limited to <br />computer hardware, computer software, e-mail access, Internet access, telephones, cellular telephones, <br />Smartphone, copiers, printers, and fax machines. It is the responsibility of each employee to abide by the <br />expected uses of all County-owned or purchased technology. Any technology owned by another entity but <br />utilized for County business will be considered County technology. Misuse or abuse of County technology <br />will result in reimbursement to the County of actual expense incurred and may result in disciplinary action, <br />up to and including termination of employment. Notification to appropriate law enforcement agencies may <br />be made in the event of perceived unlawful use. <br />All County technology is deemed the property of Kittitas County. When requested, employees will <br />immediately return any County-owned equipment. Within its discretion, the County may limit or exclude <br />any employee from access to any County technology. When appropriate and with good reason, the <br />County may examine any employee's computer files, usage, activities, records, etc. Inappropriate usage <br />will be reported by Information Services to the Department Head/Elected Official or designee. <br />Illegal or Inappropriate Action <br />Use of County technology for any purpose, may not display, transmit, or otherwise communicate any <br />illegal or inappropriate images, messages, or cartoons. Examples of such material include but are not <br />limited to political statements or proselytizing; sexually explicit material; racial or ethnic slurs or epithets; <br />anything that might be construed as harassment or offensive to others based on race, religion, national <br />origin, gender, disability, or other classifications protected by state and federal law. <br />Personal Use of Technology <br />County technology is provided for the completion of County business. Personal use of technology is only <br />acceptable if the following conditions are met: <br />A. Personal use of technology cannot result in expense being incurred by the County. The County <br />cannot gift property or services to anyone. As public servants we are often times called upon to