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ADDENDUM #4 TO LICENSE AGREEMENT <br />BETWEEN KITTITAS COUNTY AND BALANCED ACTION, INC. <br />Addendum to the current License Agreement, made and entered into between Kittitas <br />County, hereinafter called County, and Balanced Action, Inc., hereinafter called Vendor. <br />The parties to the Agreement agree to amend said Agreement as follows: <br />County will purchase additional optional modules to add Long Term Debt Management, <br />Automated Reporting, and Cash Disbursement Suspense functions to the Cashtax core <br />package. These modules allow the following enhanced functionality: <br />Long Term Debt Module functionality includes tracking and management of bonds, ulid <br />loans, and septic system replacement low interest loans with multiple amortization <br />schedules, varying interest rates and periods, while automating the tendering of payments <br />and automatic creation of receipts. Coupon books and account statements will be printed <br />directly from Cashtax. Transactions will interface directly with existing G/L and <br />therefore be exportable to County's financial system through Cashtax allowing a single <br />point of data entry. <br />The Cash Disbursement Suspense Module will allow County Offices to enter cash <br />disbursement transactions in a suspended state thereby distributing data entry tasks to <br />Oach Office. Templates, Reporting, and operation will be similar to existing Cash <br />Receipts Suspense Module. <br />The Cashtax Report Server will allow the automatic scheduling and running of reports. <br />Ryport output will be rendered as PDF documents. Report documents can be emailed or <br />distributed via website, speeding delivery, saving paper, mailing charges, and handling. <br />As a package purchase incentive, BalancedAction, Inc. will provide a $5,000.00 discount <br />and one free maintenance for 2011, yielding a total purchase price of $60,450.00. <br />Long Term Debt Module <br />$44,950.00 <br />Cash Disbursement Suspense Module <br />$12,500.00 <br />Report Server <br />$8,000.00 <br />Package Purchase Incentive <br />$ 5,000.00 <br />Grandtotal <br />$60,450.00 <br />Additionally, the cost of these modules will be added to the cost base of the system <br />pricing used to calculate annual maintenance at 15% of that base cost, in effect increasing <br />annual maintenance by $9,817.50 for 2012. <br />It is agreed by both parties that this addendum shall be in effect for the complete term of <br />the original License Agreement and all terms and conditions of the License Agreement <br />