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KITTITAS VALLEY EVENT CENTER POLICY AND REDUCTION RATE FOR <br />COUNTY RESERVATIONS <br />Kittitas Valley Event Center (KVEC) successfully rents out various facilities, with different <br />levels of accommodation and corresponding fee rates, throughout the year for public and private <br />events, with the revenue benefitting the KVEC. KVEC has experienced a surge in reservations <br />in recent years and in an effort to continue to build upon such necessary income generating <br />business while still accommodating Kittitas County Departments’ event space needs, has adopted <br />the following required procedures and reduction rate for event space reservations by a Kittitas <br />County Department: <br />1) KVEC EVENT RESERVATIONS - STANDARD RATE <br />A Kittitas County Department is welcome to reserve space at KVEC at any time, subject <br />to availability, at the standard rental rate charged to all other entities - See current fee <br />schedule for applicable rates. <br />2) KVEC EVENT RESERVATIONS – REDUCED RATE <br />A Kittitas County Department may benefit from a reduced rate for reservations at KVEC, <br />subject to availability, when the following conditions are met: <br />a. The requesting department is able to prove that all other venue options have <br />been exhausted and KVEC is the venue of last resort. <br />b. The requesting department must book their reservation through KVEC’s <br />online system or by calling the KVEC office. Informal requests will not be <br />honored. <br />c. The requesting department shall wait for confirmation of their reservation <br />from KVEC prior to sending out any communication to event/meeting <br />attendees. <br />d. The requesting department understands that KVEC resources may not be <br />available for last minute reservations. <br />e. The requesting department understands that KVEC reserves the right to <br />schedule the reduced rate reservation in the location of their choosing. <br /> <br />3) REDUCTION RATE <br />a. County Public: <br />i. Discount rates – 100% of room space, 100% of other paid amenities, <br />50% of personnel. <br />ii. Examples include: public hearings and open houses <br />b. County Internal: <br />i. Discount rates – 70% of room space, 50% of other paid amenities, 0% <br />of personnel