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PROCLAMATION <br /> 4e <br /> "Jared McIrvin Day" <br /> June 15, 2017 <br /> 2B State Champion—Pole Vault <br /> WHEREAS: Jared McIrvin is currently a senior at Kittitas High School and a leader amongst the Kittitas High <br /> School Track&Field team; and <br /> WHEREAS: In the spring of 2016 Jared took second place in the 2B State Tournament for Bays Pole Vaulting <br /> and is an athlete known by his coaches for his hard work and dedication to the sport including <br /> extensive practice throughout the off season; and <br /> WHEREAS: His improvement over the past year was so apparent that by the first track meet in Ephrata he broke <br /> the school record with a jump of 13'9" and by the end of the season he set a new school record and <br /> official personal best of 15'1"; and <br /> WHEREAS: On May 27, 2017 at the 2B State High School Track&Field Championships held at Eastern <br /> Washington University, Jared took first place in the Boys Pole Vault eventwith a seed mark of 14- <br /> 03.00; and <br /> WHEREAS: Jared is ending his high school career as a 2B State Track& Field Champion in the Pole Vault <br /> event and should be recognized for his hard work,dedication, and passion far the sport of Pole <br /> Vaulting while representing his teammates, family, Kittitas High School,community, and all of <br /> Kittitas County; <br /> NOW,THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED: The Board of County Commissionersasks the citizens of Kittitas <br /> County to join them in celebrating and honoring Jared McIrvin and his 2B State Championship Title for Boys Pole <br /> Vaulting by Proclaiming June 15, 2017 as"Jared McIrvin Day" in Kittitas County. <br /> ADOPTED this 6`h day of June 2017. <br /> THE K T rl'ACOUNTY <br /> �w�walrlprasd�rr' BOA D 0 �MISSIONER <br /> r <br /> aura sm icChair <br /> L to t <br /> ��aerEtuWywt�rtzw Obie Mrien, C omnis ioner <br /> 6he KjorsA,dierk of the Board <br />