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KITTITAS COUNTY <br />BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS <br />PROCLAMATIOl\ <br />.OSHREE SAINI DAY'' <br />April 21,2021 <br />WHEREAS' Shree Saini is a resident of Kittitas County and first-generation American hailing from a <br />family proud to be American citizens from the great nation of India, and; <br />WHEREAS, Ms. Saini is the reigning Miss World America Washington and a finalist to represent the <br />United States at the 70th annual Miss World Pageant, an event viewed by over two billion people worldwide, <br />and; <br />WHEREAS, Ms. Saini has faced and beaten multiple challenges over her lifetime, including surgery to <br />place a permanent pacemaker in her heart at age 72, as well as suffering grave facial burns, and; - <br />WHEREAS, Ms. Saini has used these experiences to educate and better the lives of others through personal <br />civic service supporting the lives of those facing these same issues, and; <br />WHEREAS, Ms. Saini's work with over 100 non-profit organizations has led to speaking engagements in <br />over 100 cities, 30 states, eight foreign nations and 500 civic awards from leaders all over the world, and; <br />WHEREAS, Ms. Saini will be representing not only Kittitas County, Washington State, and the United <br />States should she be selected as Miss World America, she will also be carrying the hopes of all Indians and <br />South Asians, both here and around the world, as she would be the first American South Asian Miss World <br />finalist. <br />NOW' THEREFORE, The Board of County Commissioners asks all citizens of Kittitas County to join <br />them in celebrating and honoring Miss World America Washington Shree Saini for her work and service to <br />better the lives of those around her by proclaiming April 27't, 2021 as "Shree Saini Day" in Kittitas County, <br />and wishes her the best of luck on her journey to become the next Miss World America. <br />DATED THIS 20th DAY OF APRIL 2021. <br />THE KITTITAS COUNTY <br />BOARD OF <br />achsmith , Chairman <br />Vice-Chairman <br />tL) <br />Kj Clerk of the Board <br />cory tssloner