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PROCI*A,TVIATION <br />((National Rrblic Safety Telecommunicators Week" <br />April ll-17r2021 <br />WHEREAS: Emergencies can occur at any time that require police, fire or emergency mcdical services; <br />and, <br />WHEREAS: When an emergency occurs the prompt response of emergency personnel is critical to the <br />protection oflife and preservation ofproperty; and <br />WHEREAS: The safety of our emergency responders is dependent upon the quality of accuracy of <br />information obtained from citizens who telephone the Kittitas County 9-1-l Dispatch Center <br />(KITTCOM); and, <br />WHEREAS: Public Safety Telecommunicators are the first and most critical contact our citizens have with <br />emergency services; and <br />WHEREAS: Public Safety Telecommunicators are the single vital link for our emergency responders by <br />monitoring their activities by radio, providing them uitical information and insuring their <br />safety; and <br />WHEREAS: Public Safety Communication Officers of KITTCOM have contributed substantially to the <br />apprehension of criminals, suppression of fires and treatment of patients; and <br />WHEREAS: Each Communications Officer has exhibited compassion, understanding and professionalism <br />during the performance of their job; <br />NOW' THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED: that the Kittitas County Board of Commissioners proclaim the <br />week of April l1 through April 17, 2021to be National Public Safety Telecommunicators <br />Week in Kinitas County, in the honor of the men and women whose diligence and <br />professionalism who keep our County and its citizens sat'e. <br />n )/h <br />Dated this C '/ day of April,2}2l THE KITTITAS COUNTy <br />BOARD OF'C <br />Brett achsmith, Chairman <br />ABSENT <br />Laura Osiadacz, Vice-Chairmah <br />J Clerk of the Board Cory Wright,Commmissioner