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Kittitas County <br /> Airport Advisory Committee <br /> Bylaws <br /> ARTICLE 1—Authorization <br /> 1.1 The KITTITAS COUNTY AIRPORT ADVISORY COMMITTEE, (AAC) is established by the <br /> Kittitas County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) by Resolution 2020-???. <br /> The Airport Advisory Committee Charter, adopted by the BOCC on December 15, <br /> 2020, establishes the purpose and duties of the AAC. <br /> ARTICLE 2— Purposes (from Charter? Or just reference Charter?) <br /> 2.1 In accordance with Charter ???, the Airport Advisory Committee is to participate in <br /> the economic and business development of the airport properties, including: Business <br /> Park, Bowers Field Airport and agricultural/industrial lands. <br /> 2.2 The AAC shall provide thoughtful recommendations and guidance to the Airport <br /> Department and Board of County Commissioners regarding airport development, <br /> regulatory oversight, community support, long term revenue generation and Airport <br /> Master Plan. The AAC should work closely with Airport Department staff. <br /> 2.2.1 The AAC should recognize Areas of Independent Staff Management and <br /> maintain an ongoing dialogue with Staff in these areas of a daily operational <br /> nature. <br /> ARTICLE 3— Membership <br /> 3.1 The AAC shall have seven (7) members appointed by the BOCC. The BOCC should <br /> strive to include a mix of representatives from the County, the City of Ellensburg, those <br /> with an interest in economic development, agricultural or hanger lessees, pilots, and <br /> airport or business park tenants, together having the experience and skills necessary to <br /> achieve the purposes of the AAC. <br /> 3.2 Member Terms <br /> 3.2.1 Member terms shall be for 3 years. <br /> 3.2.2 At the end of each member's term, all interested individuals will be <br /> considered for membership. If a member would like to be considered for <br /> reappointment they shall submit a request in writing to the BOCC office. <br /> 3.2.3 Members will be selected based on the process established by Kittitas <br /> County Handbook for Board, Committee and Commission. <br /> 3.2.4 For the purpose of staggering terms, the initial membership terms will be <br /> as follows. <br /> 1) 1-year term: 2 members (or positions land <br /> 2) 2-year term: 2 members (or positions 3 and <br /> 3) 3-year term: 3 members (or positions 5, 6, and 7) <br /> 3.3 A vacancy is deemed to have occurred upon the following: <br /> • Death of a member <br /> • Written notification has been provided to the County Commissioners office <br /> • Three consecutive unexcused absences by a member <br /> • A member ceases to be a resident of Kittitas County and a waiver has not been <br />