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KITTITAS COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS <br /> AIRPORT ADVISORY COMMITTEE <br /> THE BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS HEREBY AMENDS THE CHARTER OF <br /> THE BOWERS FIELD AIRPORT ADVISORY COMMITTEE: <br /> 1. The purpose of the Airport Advisory Committee(Committee)shall be to advise and inform <br /> the Airport Director and staff on matters pertaining to the development of the aeronautical, <br /> industrial, and agricultural areas at Bowers Field(Airport). <br /> 2. The Committee shall provide formal recommendation to the Airport Director on matters <br /> pertaining to the following areas of review: <br /> a. Airport Master Plan <br /> b. Long-term revenue generation regarding: <br /> i. Aeronautical facilities <br /> ii. Business park/industrial area development <br /> c. Non-FAA Capital Improvement Project proposals for: <br /> i. Development of initial project parameters <br /> ii. Final product review before Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) <br /> decision <br /> iii. Fast track projects using streamlined process procedures as defined in <br /> Committee by-laws <br /> d. Development and periodic review of Airport regulatory documents including: <br /> i. Minimum Standards <br /> ii. Rules and Regulations/Safety Standards <br /> iii. Design Standards <br /> iv. Standard Leasing Policies and Templates <br /> 3. Except for input solicited of the Committee by Airport Staff, the below areas of <br /> independent Airport Staff management shall be outside normal Committee review: <br /> a. Standard operating procedures <br /> i. Daily operations <br /> ii. Facility preventative maintenance <br /> iii. Emergency response <br /> b. Standard lease negotiations, renewals and enforcement of terms and conditions <br /> c. Department management issues <br /> i. Individual tenant relations <br />