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xzTTZTAs cov�vz� <br /> AIRPORT DEPARTMENT <br /> KtTT,T^S��LNTY Benjamin West, Director of Airport Operations <br /> Airport Advisory Committee <br /> Member Procedures <br /> Purpose: <br /> The purpose of this document is to determine proper communication procedures <br /> between Airport Staff and the Airport Advisory Committee (AAC). Including regular <br /> conversations to maintain a cohesive relationship and time-sensitive issues needing <br /> attention prior to the next regular monthly meeting. <br /> All communications between committee members are under the limitations set forth by <br /> the Open Public Meetings Act, and official records distributed to and/or produced by <br /> committee members are subject to Public Records Act retention and disclosure. <br /> Regular Weekly Communications: <br /> Staff believes it necessary to have ongoing communications with the AAC. Staff believes this <br /> can be done by providing regular monthly reports during the last week of the month, including <br /> relevant documentation, to the entire AAC via email to update progress or concerns regarding <br /> discussion items. We also believe having direct communications with individual committee <br /> members throughout the month especially if there are questions that arise falling into a <br /> member's area of expertise. <br /> Regular AAC Meeting Agenda Development: <br /> A standing meeting between airport staff and the AAC chair and vice chair shall be set for the <br /> week prior to the regular AAC meeting. The purpose of this meeting shall be to set the monthly <br /> AAC agenda topics and identify new business items as well as provide updates on old business <br /> items. Both new and old business items shall be listed on the AAC agenda. <br /> Each AAC meeting shall have regular agenda topics comprising the following: <br /> • Public Comment <br /> o Should an issue raised during public comment be desired by a member of the <br /> AAC to explore further, the chair shall request that a motion be put forward to <br /> identify the item as new business. <br /> 205 W. 5th Ave. Suite 105 TEL (509)933-8219 <br /> Ellensburg, WA 98926 <br />