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PROCLAMATION <br />Careers in Construction Month <br />October 2020 <br />WHEREAS, Careers in Construction Month is an annual month designated to help increase <br />public awareness of the opportunities available in construction trades professions; <br />WHEREAS, during this month, employers, associations and schools are encouraged to conduct <br />job fairs, panel discussions, and local community events to inform students of the vast <br />employment opportunities in construction; <br />WHEREAS, the construction industry is one of our nation's largest industries, employing more <br />than 5 million individuals in the U.S.; <br />WHEREAS, we are pleased to honor the construction trades professional and the critical role <br />they play in the development of Kittitas County; <br />WHEREAS, through a collaborative effort that reaches policymakers as well as local educators <br />and high school students, our goal is to effectively address some of the issues that have <br />contributed to chronic labor shortages and misperceptions of careers in construction, to develop a <br />skilled workforce for the future; <br />WHEREAS, the Central Washington Home Builders Association is committed to the <br />enrichment of the educational experience of students and the community by offering them first- <br />hand exposure to the real world of the building industry through membership, educational <br />programming, school curriculum, and networking opportunities; <br />NOW' THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED: that the Kittitas County Board of Commissioners <br />do hereby proclaim October 2020, as Careers in Construction Month throughout this community <br />and urge all the people of Kittitas County to join us in this special observance by seeking to leam <br />more about the exciting world of building and construction. <br />Dated this 20th day of October 2020. <br />THE KITTITAS CO <br />BOARI)IONE <br />Chairman <br />Vice-Chairman <br />of the Board <br />ry Wright, Commissioner