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MEMBERS PRESENT: <br />MEMBERS ABSENT: <br />STAFF MEMBERS PRESENT: <br />GUESTS PRESENT: <br />AIRPORT ADVISORY COMMITTEE <br />MINUTES <br />September 11, 2019 <br />Commissioners' Auditorium <br />5:30pm <br />Brian McElroy, Dale Rusho, Marlene Pfeifer, Dave Ratcliff, <br />Keith Riexinger, Brian Lenz, Paul Ballard, Stacey Engel <br />Ron Mitchell, Steve Willard <br />Mark Cook, Commissioner Cory Wright, Candie Leader <br />Eight (8) members of the public <br />Chairman Marlene Pfeifer opened the meeting at 5:30 p.m. <br />Chairman Marlene Pfeifer called for a motion to approve the August meeting minutes. Brian McElroy <br />made a motion to approve the minutes as presented. Keith Riexinger seconded the motion. Motion <br />passed. <br />Chairman Marlene Pfeifer introduced the next agenda item — New Application Discussion (Thomas <br />Long). Chairman Marlene Pfeifer stated that there was an application submitted to replace Greg <br />Schwab on the committee and presented Ron Mitchell's email regarding the application. Chairman <br />Marlene Pfeifer commented that the topic of CWU having two positions on the committee should be <br />revisited. Discussion was held. Chairman Marlene Pfeifer called for a motion to appoint Thomas <br />Long from CWU to the Limited FBO Services position. Dale Rusho made a motion to approve with <br />Paul Ballard seconding the motion. Motion passed with 7 in favor and 1 opposed. <br />Chairman Marlene Pfeifer introduced the next agenda item — T -Hangar Waitlist Policy/Application. <br />Chairman Marlene Pfeifer asked if the committee had any concerns or amendments to the policy that <br />was drafted and presented by county staff. Brian McElroy made a motion to approve as presented with <br />Stacey Engel seconding the motion. Brian McElroy added that there will be a transition with the new <br />policy and hopefully doesn't present a hardship to staff. Mark Cook stated that a notice of the new <br />policy will be sent out to the people currently on the waithst. No further discussion was held. Motion <br />passed. <br />Chairman Marlene Pfeifer moved on to the next agenda item — Department of Commerce Grant. Mark <br />Cook gave background on the grant itself and stated that he sent the requested paperwork in for <br />processing to the Department of Commerce and hasn't received a response back. Mark Cook added <br />that the funds will be used for the design of Runway 7/25, an appraisal and an economic development <br />plan. Discussion was held. Mark Cook updated the committee on a recent meeting he had with Cayla <br />Morgan from the FAA regarding the Environmental Assessment. Mark Cook stated that he met with <br />Airport Advisory Committee 2019 Page 1 <br />