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2019 center. <br /> fl <br /> omkir <br /> Strategic Econ <br /> *,Piw _ 7. <br /> Developmen Plan <br /> Introduction <br /> The Ellensburg Development Business Authority, dba CenterFuse, is a public <br /> development authority, authorized by RCW. 35,21.730 and created by the City of <br /> Ellensburg in 1994 (City of Ellensburg Ordinance No, 3895). CenterFuse is a nine-member <br /> governing board appointed by the Ellensburg City Council. The board's Executive <br /> C E N T E R F U S E Director is a City employee provided to the board through an interlocal agreement. <br /> Ellensburg Business Development The purpose of CenterFuse is to bring family wage jobs to Ellensburg and grow the <br /> Ellensburg,WA median family income as measured by the State of Washington. CenterFuse plays an <br /> active role to ensure Ellensburg has a vibrant and prosperous local economy that values <br /> its history and natural beauty. CenterFuse strives to be knowledgeable, professional, <br /> welcoming, and connected in order to support business success and growth in <br /> Ellensburg. <br /> CenterFuse strategically recruits and supports businesses and connects them with the <br /> resources they need to start, grow, and/or prosper. The work of CenterFuse focuses <br /> on the seven-square-mile area of the City of Ellensburg, as well as the Urban Growth <br /> Area (UGA). CenterFuse partners with other economic development groups and key <br /> employers to support prosperity throughout Kittitas County. <br />