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KCFAC address to the BOCC—Sept. 16, 2019 <br /> History: <br /> ■ The I"few months were somewhat overwhelming to the committee just in grasping the <br /> details and scope of existing and proposed projects. <br /> • Within a few months, the committee made the decision to have staff propose projects and <br /> provide ratings for work. This allowed for the committee to prioritize the projects and <br /> better understand and assess impacts, funding needs and benefits. <br /> + Staff was free to present projects from their perspective to the committee. It proved to be <br /> a productive means forward with Committee members providing insights and <br /> perspectives which staff would not know and move us forward with the list currently <br /> before you. <br /> Perspectives: <br /> • Early on it was determined that the Committee would like to meet with the BOCC for <br /> directions. In assessing flood projects which broke down into 3 differing categories; <br /> ➢ Flood reduction or abatement <br /> ➢ Flood control <br /> ➢ Flood management <br /> • The rating system allowed for assessments and discussion on where our limited funding <br /> would provide the most impact, <br /> • Flood issues were low priorities when the county had fewer residents and/or <br /> development. It was easy to ignore glaring issues which provided minimal impacts. As <br /> time progressed, growth continued along with development in areas which were subject <br /> to flooding or contributed to flooding. <br /> • What is clear today, areas prone to flooding in the past are flooding today. Impacts from <br /> flooding are no longer infrequent or minor and need immediate attention. WHICH <br /> MEANS FUNDING. <br /> Committee Thoughts: <br /> • The Flood Advisory Committee does not see its purpose as a land acquisition committee <br /> or land management board, <br /> • We realize that some of the best methods and means of flood management is in the <br /> acquisition of land subject to flooding issues but would like to see any land acquisition <br /> assessment be inclusive of future land use oversight and planning, <br /> • Rarely would a land acquisition be suitable for only one purpose, <br /> • We do not want to subject County Citizens to increase taxation or a perpetual funding of <br /> a flood district, but believe in this case, increased funding in the near term would be <br /> beneficial over the long term, <br /> J-Cr r l,1 1'-� <br />