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UPPER COUNTY TASK FORCE <br /> MINUTES <br /> July 18, 2019 <br /> Putnam Centennial Center <br /> 1:00pm <br /> MEMBERS PRESENT: Clay Myers, Valerie McCallum, Patricia Garris, Lori <br /> Nevin, Steve Sowers, Cindy Millsap, Robert Seelye, Jon <br /> Jensen <br /> MEMBERS ABSENT: Steve Harper, Marc Kirkpatrick,Nolan Weis, Todd <br /> Trepanier <br /> STAFF MEMBERS PRESENT: Mark Cook, Taylor Gustafson <br /> GUESTS PRESENT: Three (3) members of the public <br /> Cindy Millsap opened the meeting at 1:12 PM. Lori Nevin made a motion to approve the June <br /> meeting minutes with Jon Jensen seconding the motion. Motion passed. <br /> General discussion on traffic mitigation was held. Patricia Garris suggested closing Exit 74 <br /> eastbound on Fridays and westbound of Saturdays. <br /> Valerie McCallum discussed that congestion is inevitable and only going to worsen over time. <br /> Valerie McCallum discussed that safety should be the main focus and that more speed limit signs <br /> and speed enforcement would help. Lori Nevin noted that changing the physical attributes of the <br /> road(crosswalks, roundabouts, etc.) could improve safety. <br /> Mark Cook mentioned that congestion and speed are not compatible points of discussion and that <br /> the task force needs to direct staff on their priorities. <br /> Clay Myers updated the task force that a law enforcement officer has been approved for 24-28 <br /> days from 12pm-8pm every Sunday through September, as well as special events and holidays. <br /> Clay Myers also suggested that the group consider a more focused approach in discussing <br /> solutions and stated that the next meeting could be about congestion while the following one <br /> focuses on speed and safety. <br /> Mark Cook replied that Public Works did not agree to fund the 2020 enforcement officer with the <br /> Road Fund as that would be closing deteriorating roads and bridges in the County. <br /> Upper County Task Force 2019 Page 1 <br />