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UPPER COUNTY TASK FORCE <br /> MINUTES <br /> June 20, 2019 <br /> Putnam Centennial Center <br /> 1:00pna <br /> MEMBERS PRESENT: Clay Myers, Valerie McCallum, Patricia Garris, Lori <br /> Nevin, Steve Sowers, Nolan Weis, Cindy Millsap, Robert <br /> Seelye, Todd Trepanier, Jon Jensen <br /> MEMBERS ABSENT: Steve Harper, Marc Kirkpatrick <br /> STAFF MEMBERS PRESENT: Mark Cook, Taylor Gustafson <br /> GUESTS PRESENT: Four(4)members of the public: <br /> Michael Millsap <br /> Lucy Temple (City of Cle Elum Planner) <br /> Kendra Breiland (Fehr& Peers Consultant) <br /> Daniel Dye (Fehr& Peers Consultant) <br /> Cindy Millsap opened the meeting at 1:00 PM. <br /> Clay Myers made a motion to approve the minutes with Steve Sowers seconding the motion. <br /> Fehr & Peers began their presentation utilizing PowerPoint and printed handouts. Fehr& Peers <br /> presented a comparison of 1-90 vs County roads based on current traffic conditions and potential <br /> traffic conditions after implementing three (3) mitigation measures. Out of the three (3) <br /> mitigation measures, widening 1-90 is the most effective. Widening would lead to less congestion <br /> and higher volumes at higher speeds on 1-90. <br /> Lucy Temple inquired about the temporal component of the traffic modeling, building for traffic <br /> twenty(20) years out. Kendra Breiland explained that measuring at the March through June time <br /> period is similar to measuring in 2037, since the traffic is so problematic. <br /> The option to close the interchanges did not provide any benefit in the traffic model as it <br /> gridlocks the local network due to higher volumes at the Cle Elum interchange, negatively <br /> impacting the City of Cle Elum and consequentially residents on the other side of 1-90. Nelson <br /> Siding Road and Golf Course Road experience improvements, but everywhere else experiences a <br /> greater amount of congestion than before. <br /> Designating the local network as local access only, through tolling or another similar measure, <br /> was also found to not reduce much traffic. The resulting traffic looks similar to existing <br /> Upper County Task Force 2019 Page 1 <br />