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BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS <br /> CORRESPONDENCE LOG FOR THE WEEK ENDING: 7/12/2019 <br /> REVIEWED AT ADMINISTRATIVE MEETING ON: 711512019 <br /> DATE RECEIVED ITEM SUBJECT ACTION FOLLOW UP <br /> Email for voice message to Dan Voce message requesting contact regarding <br /> 7/8/2019 Carlson, CDS. zoning for building solar power plant in Kittitas CDS, Cory W. <br /> County. <br /> 7/8/2019 Response to voice mail to CDS. CDS staff contacted the caller re: solar power <br /> plant zoning. <br /> City of Cie Elum Council Agenda for July 9,2019 <br /> 7/8/2019 Cie Elum City Council Agenda. � BOCC <br /> @ 6:00 p.m. <br /> 7/8/2019 Email from Kittitas County Water Water meeting invitation. BOCC <br /> District#7. <br /> 7/9/2019 Email/phone message from Sean Re:property and driveway code requirements BOCC, DPW, CDS, <br /> Foulon,forwarded to Public Works. in the county. I FM, PA <br /> 7/11/2019 Ellensburg City Council Agenda. City of Ellensburg Council Agenda for 7-15-19 @ BOCC <br /> _ 7:00 Council Chambers. <br /> Approval of Resource Advisory Committee <br /> recommendations for the expenditure of Kiffitas BoCC,Auditor, <br /> 7/12/2019 Letter from USDA County FY-17 and FY-18 Title II funds resulting Treasurer,Assessor <br /> from the SRS and Community Self Determination <br /> Act of 2000 <br />