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GENE DANA, SHERIFF <br /> KITTITAS COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE <br /> *� 307 W. Umptanum Rd • Ellensburg, WA 98926 <br /> (509) 962-7525 • (509) 674-2584 <br /> FAX(509) 962-7599 13 -CEIV <br /> December 12, 2013 <br /> 12 <br /> Board of County Commissioners <br /> Kittitas County Courthouse �St- .V 3 d <br /> 205 West 5th, Suite 108 30ARD OF <br /> Ellensburg, WA 98926 <br /> Dear Board of County Commissioners: <br /> The Kittitas County Sheriff's Office has looked into your request for information of any"chronic <br /> illegal activity" per WAC314-55-050, Reasons the board may seek denial,suspension, or <br /> cancellation of a marijuana license application or license. <br /> and/or, <br /> RCW 69.50.331, Application for license, specifically subsection: (9)In determining whether to <br /> grant or deny a license or renewal of any license, the state liquor control board shall give <br /> substantial weight to objections from an incorporated city or town or county legislative authority <br /> based upon chronic illegal activity associated with the applicant's operations of the premises <br /> proposed to be licensed or the applicant's operation of any other licensed premises, or the <br /> conduct of the applicant's patrons inside or outside the licensed premises. "Chronic illegal <br /> activity"means(a)a pervasive pattern of activity that threatens the public health, safety, and <br /> welfare of the city, town, or county including, but not limited to, open container violations, <br /> assaults, disturbances, disorderly conduct, or other criminal law violations, or as documented in <br /> crime statistics,police reports, emergency medical response data, calls for service,field data, or <br /> similar records of a law enforcement agency for the city, town, county, or any other municipal <br /> corporation or any state agency, or(b)an unreasonably high number of citations for violations <br /> of RCW 46.61.502 associated with the applicant's or licensee's operation of any licensed <br /> premises as indicated by the reported statements given to law enforcement upon arrest. <br /> The Sheriffs Office does not have information of any illegal activity at the below address or <br /> illegal activity of any named applicant(s) reference the marijuana license application: <br /> License: 412052 Applicant name(s): Solstice Group Inc. <br /> Trade name:Solstice Alex Cooley <br /> Address: 4930 Weaver Rd Ste B William Denman <br /> Ellensburg,WA 98926 Peter Miller <br /> Sincerely, r ) <br /> Gene Dana, <br /> Sheriff <br />