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Marijuana Unit <br /> I/ Washington State PO Box 43098,3000 Pacific Ave SE <br /> Liquor Control Board Olympia WA 985043098 <br /> Phone:(360)664-1600 <br /> December 11, 2013 <br /> 50 <br /> Emailed to: wdenma�solsticecoo .corn► l <br /> SOLSTICE GROUP, INC. <br /> Trade Name: SOLSTICE <br /> License#: 412055 <br /> U B I #: 603-132-711-001-0005 <br /> Dear Mr. Denman, <br /> This letter is to confirm that the eight foot sight obscure fencing is only required around the <br /> actual outdoor area where the marijuana grow is occurring. <br /> Per WAC 314-55-075, A marijuana producer license allows the licensee to produce <br /> marijuana for sale at wholesale to marijuana processor licensees and to other marijuana <br /> producer licensees. Marijuana production must take place within a fully enclosed secure <br /> indoor facility or greenhouse with rigid walls, a roof, and doors. Outdoor production may take <br /> place in nonrigid greenhouses, other structures, or an expanse of open or cleared ground <br /> fully enclosed by a physical barrier. To obscure public view of the premises, outdoor <br /> production must be enclosed by a sight obscure wall or fence at least eight feet high. Outdoor <br /> producers must meet security requirements described in WAC 314-55-083. <br /> Thank you, <br /> NicoCa Reid <br /> Marijuana Licensing Investigator <br /> (360) 725-0111 <br /> <br />