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Pic <br />David Crane <br />x 1201 N. Vista Rd. <br />Ellensburg, WA. 98926 <br />November 20, 2013 <br />Daily Record <br />401 N. Main <br />Ellensburg, WA. 98926 <br />To The Editor: <br />The following is from Family Doctor, health information for <br />the whole family, 8-28-2009, Marijuana's Adverse Effects: <br />1. Users can become chemically dependent. <br />2. Sometimes leads to other drug use. <br />3. Trouble remembering things. <br />4. Slowed reaction time. <br />5. Difficulty concentrating. <br />6. Sleepiness. <br />7. Anxiety. <br />8. Paranoia (feeling that people are "out to get you"). <br />9. Altered time perception. <br />10. Red bloodshot eyes. <br />11. Long use makes some people lose interest in school, <br />work, relationships and other activities. <br />Following are some of the common physical effects of <br />marijuana: <br />1. Tremors (shaking) <br />2. Nausea <br />3. Headache <br />4. Decreased coordination <br />5. Breathing problems <br />6. Increased appetite <br />7. Reduced blood flow to the brain <br />8. Changes in the reproductive organs <br />