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VRO CLAMATION <br />Not In Our County <br />WHEREAS, bullying, harassment, hate speech and violence have become a daily occurrence and is <br />increasing across the nation; <br />WHEREAS, history has tragically taught us that when people stand by and allow acts of intolerance, <br />violence, and hatred to occur it is seen as acquiescence; <br />WHEREAS, people often feel isolated, without hope, and helpless to do anything individually to end <br />violence; <br />WHEREAS, communities across the country, by standing together, have been successful in building <br />strong, inclusive, diverse and tolerant communities while respecting each citizen's right to free speech; <br />WHEREAS, civic and religious organizations nationwide have led efforts to talk about their community <br />values and learn to prevent hate activity if it comes to their town; <br />WHEREAS, a group of citizens, reacting to recent incidents of hate speech in our community, have <br />organized to proclaim Not In Our Kittitas County, <br />WHEREAS, we, the Kittitas County Board of Commissioners in keeping with the principle of respect <br />for all people, unequivocally oppose any manifestation of bullying, harassment, hatred and prejudice <br />towards any group or individual; <br />NOW THEREFORE WE resolve to actively work to make Kittitas County a safe place, free of <br />discrimination and hatred of any kind. We also resolve to promote a climate of safety, inclusion, and <br />acceptance in our community. <br />DATED this f 51'�"aay of November, 2016. <br />THE KITTITAS COUNTY <br />BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS <br />-AMENT <br />a ..•••••rV ., en 'hairman <br />- y m _ P� Wel33 <br />e- �r <br />Laura Osiadaez, Commissioner <br />`fry` r TES�'.0� <br />Illi llffltlMltVV� <br />L' <br />Julie Kjorsvilt, Clerk of the Board <br />