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opf <br />a <br />�pp,�iTMENT OF THE Ipr <br />'�uHl�tU OF HLG't.AMA'ttA� <br />USDA <br />nmmw_�' <br />Western Watershed Enhancement Partnership <br />PRO CLA MA TION <br />WHEREAS, the Yakima Basin Integrated Water Resource Management Plan was developed to identify a comprehensive and balanced <br />approach to water resources and ecosystem restoration improvements in the Yakima River Basin; and <br />WHEREAS, the Yakima Basin Integrated Water Resource Management Plan includes seven elements, including the habitat/watershed <br />protection and enhancement element; and <br />WHEREAS, in the spirit of the Western Watershed Enhancement Partnership, the following parties have collaborated to establish a joint <br />program to proactively improve the health and resiliency of the Okanogan -Wenatchee National Forest, Yakima River Basin Watershed, and <br />thereby to protect municipal and agricultural water supplies, infrastructures and facilities, water delivery capabilities, and hydroelectric power <br />generation; and <br />WHEREAS, the health of National Forest System land in Central Washington affects municipal and agricultural water supplies, public safety, <br />recreation, natural resources, threatened and endangered species, and the economic vitality of the surrounding communities; and <br />WHEREAS, management of the forest and watershed health is important for protecting reservoir storage capacity, minimizing sedimentation <br />load, maintaining water quantity, enhancing ecosystem health, reducing the threat of crown fires, flood volumes, and risk of future wildfires; <br />and <br />WHEREAS, the relationships between all partners and participating agencies will be further enhanced through this collaborative project and <br />will be integral to its success; <br />THEREFOR:, by signing this Proclamation on October 13, 2016; the U.S. Department of the Interior and the U.S. Department of Agriculture, <br />do hereby proclaim commitment to the success of the partnerships and projects that will improve the health and resilience of said watershed. <br />Michael . Connor <br />Deputy Secretary <br />U.S. Department of the Interior <br />i <br />Robert Bonn <br />Under Secretary for <br />Natural Resources and Environment <br />U.S. Department of Agriculture <br />YAKIMA RIVER BASIN INTEGRATED WATER RESOURCE MANAGEMENT PLAN <br />Building a Future for Water, Wildlife and Working Lands <br />Signing in support of this collaborative effort <br />Tike Leita <br />Commissioner <br />Yakima County, WA <br />Phil Rigdon <br />Superintendent, Department of Natural <br />Resources <br />Yakama Nation <br />!f/ <br />Ron an Gundy <br />Policy Director <br />Roza Irrigation District <br />Commissioner <br />Kittitas County, WA <br />Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife <br />WZA�' A't - . - — <br />We cDermott G. Thomas bb <br />Director. Ri e of the Puget Sound and ector, Office of Columbia River <br />Columbia Basin Program Washington Department of Ecology <br />American Rivers <br />Urban Eberhart Lisa Pelly <br />Manager Director, Washington W roj t <br />Kittitas Reclamation District Trout Unlimi <br />