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FCCLA WEEK PROCLAMATION <br />FCCLA Week, February 7-13, 2016 <br />"E'MPOWFR " <br />WHEREAS, <br />Family, Career and Community Leaders of America, the national nonprofit family -focused student <br />organization for Family and Consumer Sciences students through grade 12, helps youth assume their roles <br />in society through Family and Consumer Sciences education in areas of personal growth, family life, <br />vocational preparation, college readiness, leadership, and community involvement; and <br />WHEREAS, <br />the organization extends classroom learning through chapter projects that develop leadership and <br />initiative and helps young men and women learn how to plan, make decisions, and carry out and evaluate <br />programs of action as they work with other youth and adults in their school and community; and <br />WHEREAS, <br />Family, Career and Community Leaders of America offers members an opportunity to work together for <br />common purposes for the improvement of themselves, their families, and their communities; and <br />WHEREAS, <br />The week of February 7 through 13, 2016, has been designated NATIONAL FCCLA WEEK with the theme <br />"EMPOWER". <br />NOW, THEREFORE, <br />I, �1b► �$n` l c1ccted. official), hereby proclaim the week beginning February 7th as NATIONAL <br />FCCLA WEEK Uk+LAaX CO(vour community) and urge all citizens to acquaint themselves with the <br />activities and values of Family, Career and Community Leaders of America, to shrnv interest init, and to <br />give help and encouragement to the young men and women who are working to achieve knowledge and <br />experience that will help prepare them for future responsibilities as active and concerned adult members <br />of society. <br />.yV1 air may <br />Signature Title Date <br />EMPOWE <br />MEPOWER) <br />its <br />lip <br />Experience <br />