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MR! <br />Whereas, MW County is a community that includes <br />7,801 citizens aged 60 and older; and <br />Whereas, Midtas County is committed to valuing all <br />individuals and recognizing their ongoing life achievements; and <br />Whereas, the older adults in 09t4s County play an important role by continuing to <br />contribute experience, knowledge, wisdom, and accomplishments; and <br />Whereas, our older adults are active community members involved in volunteering, <br />mentorship, arts and culture, and civic engagements; and <br />Whereas, recognizing the successes of community elders encourages their ongoing <br />participation and further accomplishments; and <br />Whereas, our community can provide opportunities to allow older citizens to continue <br />to flourish by: <br />Emphasizing the importance of elders and their leadership by publicly <br />recognizing their continued achievements <br />® Presenting opportunities for older Americans to share their wisdom, experience, <br />and skills <br />® Recognizing older adults as a valuable asset in strengthening American <br />communities <br />Now Therefore, We, the Board of County Commissioner's of Vttdw County, hereby <br />proclaim May 2013 to be Older Americans Month. We urge every citizen to take time <br />this month to engage with our older citizens through enjoyable social interactions. <br />Dated thisa day of 2013 <br />Paul l&ell, Commissioner <br />Commissioner <br />